The Stars Are Out – Stars Rug

Bring the stars out in any room of your contemporary home.  Calligaris, an Italian company and leader in this industry has the perfect playful design in the ‘Stars Rug’.

This gorgeous rug can be a spectacular addition to any room with most any décor. It measures a diameter of 86 5/8” of 100% wool. The modern design of the black background with white spots give it a heavenly star look that will please any star gazer with the feel of space under their feet. With DIV Furniture sparkling low price you can bring the stars home to you.

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Got Milk – Milky Rug

Looking for something uniquely unusual to bring some life to your contemporary room?  Calligaris has a line of grand rugs for that distinctive style.  The ‘Milky Rug’ has an incredible eye catching design that will start a conversation. It is available in two size to fit superbly where you want it, small 66 7/8” by 94 ½” or the larger at 78 ¾” by 118 1/8”. This fantastic rug has a wonderful white background accented with pretty purple spots giving it a spotted cow look and is made of 100% wool.  Get your ‘Milky Rug’ at the DIV Furniture’s stunning low price.

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Hemp Up Your Floor – Hemp Rug

Riveting floor coverings are hard to find but with Calligaris as a leader in this industry it is much easier to find what you are looking for.  This Italian company designed a fantastic large scale rug with the ‘Hemp Rug’.  The ‘Hemp’ is of course made of 100% hemp which is outstanding for the high traffic areas of your home. It comes in black or a natural color that works well with any décor. Also for the great DIV Furniture price it measures in at 78 ¾” by 118 7/8”. Don’t hide your floor hemp it up.

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