Lamar Comfort

What can you say about the Lamar Sectional Sofa, it’s absolutely perfect?  This right sectional is entirely the ideal addition to the modern home. The buttery touch of the Italian leather comes in a beige cappuccino color that is just right for the wenge finished wooden base with red accent. You get of surface area for kick knack items of your favorite remote with the built in end tables. Contemporary is the style that your guest will see when they drop by just to experience a taste of Lamar. This eye pleasing piece is comfortable and includes a large ottoman in a matching color.  Get your Lamar comfort at DIV Furniture.

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Orange Apeel

Contemporary is in. Edge has a lovely sofa set for the modern home furnishings. This three piece set includes the sofa, loveseat and chair. The upholstery is creamy soft thick Italian leather in a light orange color that can accent most any currant color theme. Convenience of the three stand alone pieces allows you to set the layout that you want without the hassle of a single large pieces fitting in the room. Find your appeal with DIV Furniture’s Edge collection.

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The Sectional Trend

Popular among contemporary furnishings for homes and apartments are a return to sectional sofas. “Sectionals” were popular in the early 1970’s. But, for a very different reason than today’s modern sectional sofas. Then, the functionality of furniture that could be used as a total sofa or, in “sections”, was the main purpose.

Today, the Sectional trend has a much different basis. Because of better quality, a larger selection of materials, including leather, these pieces often set the mood of an entire room. Leather sectional sofas, in particular, give a room simple elegance while providing durability.

The Sectional trend capitalizes on shape as well. Gone are the predictable curved pieces on both ends of the central sofa section. Now, many pieces enjoy innovative shapes that make a real fashion statement and create the main focus of a room. Today’s sectional sofas cater to the trend towards comfort, without sacrificing style. You can purchase the Sectional Trend from DIV Furniture

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Chocolate Addiction

Modern elegance is a must in every home. The Italian leather screams class and style while the full thick cushions shouts sit and unwind. This beautiful chocolate colored Block right sectional is the perfect place to put up your feet after a hard day of work. Indulge in its comfort with that special someone while enjoying their company. Find your stress reliever at DIV Furniture with the quality contemporary design of the Block Sectional.

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Renne Sectional

Relax in style with Renee’s leather sofa set. Everyone’s modern décor living room needs a beautiful center piece that is comfortable and functional. The contemporary design of this beige left sectional leather sofa has class and elegance.

Whether you’re hosting a cocktail party for business, a small get together with friends or a quiet evening at home lounging with the family, the thick Italian leather cushions add extra comfort to all that sit upon it. Grace your space with a Renee Sectional. It can be yours from DIV Furniture

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