Posh Is Posh

What modern living room would be complete without the sofa? Here we have the contemporary class with the ever so needed functionality. This beige sectional sofa amazingly comes in left or right, to accommodate any size or shape of room. The colored accent pillows add that splash to the décor and then you get a side table and bookcase to accessorize and utilities the whole ensemble. With the comer piece it makes it so easy to arrange and rearrange your new room as often as you want how ever you want, what ever fits your mood. Get your Poshness at DIV Furniture.

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Telus You Love It

See for yourself how the Telus sofa perfectly fits the needs of your modern living room or den.  This amazingly functional sofa has all your needs of your contemporary home.  The soft brown color goes with almost any scheme and the bookcase chaise provides convenience for the things you need at hand with comfort for those lazy days.

The Telus sofa set includes the loveseat, bookcase chaise, small and large ottomans and a coffee table. Here at DIV Furniture we pride yourselves with quality, comfort and functionality, so get your Telus from DIV.

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