The Sectional Trend

Popular among contemporary furnishings for homes and apartments are a return to sectional sofas. “Sectionals” were popular in the early 1970’s. But, for a very different reason than today’s modern sectional sofas. Then, the functionality of furniture that could be used as a total sofa or, in “sections”, was the main purpose.

Today, the Sectional trend has a much different basis. Because of better quality, a larger selection of materials, including leather, these pieces often set the mood of an entire room. Leather sectional sofas, in particular, give a room simple elegance while providing durability.

The Sectional trend capitalizes on shape as well. Gone are the predictable curved pieces on both ends of the central sofa section. Now, many pieces enjoy innovative shapes that make a real fashion statement and create the main focus of a room. Today’s sectional sofas cater to the trend towards comfort, without sacrificing style. You can purchase the Sectional Trend from DIV Furniture

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